• PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

The PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Course with POOLE DIVING

As you start to venture further afield with your diving, you will quickly learn the importance of alerting people on the surface to your position underwater. A delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB or SMB) is an essential piece of equipment for any diver – Whether you need to summon the boat to pick you up after a dive, find a missing buddy, ascend without a fixed reference line or warn off boat traffic.

Starting from

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The Fun Part

Open up new dive site opportunity’s and enable safer diving on the site you have already dived.

What You Learn

  • The various uses of a SMB or DSMB
  • How to easily, safely and reliably deploy a DSMB
  • Considerations of deployment location based on hazards and current conditions
  • Preparation of equipment before and after deployment

For all your learning materials and equipment, contact POOLE DIVING.

Your Next Adventure

A big reason for taking this course is to prepare you for diving in the channel and on some of the great sites further from shore. This makes the PADI Boat or Drift diver speciality courses a natural progression from here. Allowing you to practice the skills learned in the PADI Delayed Surface Marker Buoy course to real diving situations straight away.

For more information about this or other PADI courses have a chat with one of the POOLE DIVING Team members.


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