Poole Divers Club Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions of club membership

1. Club membership is open to all divers with any level of recognised qualification (PADI, BSAC, etc.)

2. FnF Dive Club is run and managed by POOLE DIVING Ltd. All membership benefits of the club are determined by POOLE DIVING Ltd., which reserves the right to change all benefits as they see fit.

3. POOLE DIVING Ltd reserves the right to restrict club membership for the good & benefit of FnF Dive Club members and POOLE DIVING Ltd as they see fit. They also reserve the right to remove membership from any person or persons acting in anyway considered by POOLE DIVING Ltd to be incompatible with the overall aims of the club or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to.

4. FnF Dive Club aim to organise regular dives to various local dive sites. This may include pre-booking of charter boats and payment of fees. Once a member has agreed to participate on a club dive that includes a fee, that fee must be honored financially even if the member is unable to attend.

5. It is the responsibility of the member to arrange transport to and from the site, including entrance and parking fees save where FnF Dive Club have made other arrangements. Which may include pre-booking and arrangement of transport.

6. FnF Dive Club & POOLE DIVING Ltd will not and cannot be held responsible for any dives that are cancelled. In all cases, FnF Dive Club & POOLE DIVING Ltd will endeavor to contact all prebooked divers and notify them of any cancellation, however it is not always possible and FnF Dive Club & POOLE DIVING Ltd take no responsibility for any costs incurred by any cancelled dive for any reason.

7. All club members are responsible for ensuring that they have the correct level of training and equipment for any dive they partake in. Members are also responsible for ensuring that all equipment is in good working order and is serviceable. FnF Dive Club & POOLE DIVING Ltd reserves the right to refuse anyone who may not have the correct level of training / equipment or equipment that may not be serviceable.

8. In any event FnF Dive Club & POOLE DIVING Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any accident, loss, damage, or injury caused to club members, whether self-inflicted or by another party.

9. Any training provided during or in conjunction with any club event must be conducted by POOLE DIVING Ltd whether payment is made or the training is conducted for free. FnF Dive Club will not provide any training liability cover or insurance for any unauthorised training. Any training must be arranged with POOLE DIVING Ltd prior to training commencing.

10. All club members must prior to diving complete the following a. Sign liability release form/s. b. Satisfactorily complete and have on file an annual Medical declaration or Provide a “fitness to dive” certificate of letter from their Doctor. If any information relating to this fitness to dive self-certification changes you must inform the club.

11. Have been accepted for membership of the club and paid that months fees. Application for membership is subject to approval and may be refused, all decisions are confidential and any reason for refusal will not be given and no correspondence will be entered into relating to a membership refusal.