Equipment Servicing

The kit you use when Diving must be thought of as life support equipment, so needs servicing as per the manufacturers specification.

We service all SCUBA equipment, from most manufacturers, from leaking Dry suits to Regulators and BCD’s, if not on site we will tell you so you know!

We repair and service using genuine manufacturer’s tools and parts.

On dismantling if we find additional work is required we will contact you to agree extra costs required before proceeding.


We can service all makes of Scuba Regulator.


All work is carried out by a fully trained and certified technician in an IDEST service centre. We have accounts with manufacturers and all work is guaranteed. In accordance with manufacturers guidelines we attend regular service courses and receive updates. Servicing is carried out in a modern, fully equipped and inspected workshop.

Regulator Test Periods

Most manufacturers recommend servicing regulators annually or every one hundred dives whichever comes first.


All serviced on site in our dedicated area using Genuine Manufacturers parts.


We are an appointed IDEST Test Centre (Centre 7Z), and can test all your Diving Cylinders.
We offer Oxygen Cleaning so you cylinders can be used with Enriched air Nitrox.

Cylinder Test Periods

Visual Inspection should be carried out every two and a half years and a Full Hydraulic Test every five years. Oxygen cleaning for Nitox carries a 15 month Test period.
Servicing Estimates From May 2022

Cylinders Test Costs include Standard Service Parts and Air Fill.

Hydrostatic Test including Valve Service  £75.00
Visual Inspection including Valve Service  £65.00
Hydrostatic & O2 clean including Valve Service  £85.00
Visual & O2 clean including Valve Service  £75.00
Shot Blast  £30.00
O2 Clean & Valve service  £55.00
Twinset Strip & Re-build inc Manifold Service  £35.00
Cylinder Failure  F.O.C
Valve Service  £35.00
Regulators excluding Service Parts
First & Second Stage  £45.00 + Parts approx £95
First & Second Stage plus Octopus  £55.00 + Parts approx £115
First Stage only  £30.00 + Parts approx £60
Second Stage only  £30.00 + Parts approx £55
BCDs excluding Service Parts
BCD Service, (Inflator, Dumps, Sterilize & Pressure Test)  £50.00 + Parts approx £65
Sterilize Bladder & Pressure Test  £25.00
Inflator Only  £25.00 + Parts approx £35

All estimates are approximate and will vary as per manufacturer, and the parts required.