SS Aparima

SS Aparima was 5704 tons gross Steam ship

Built by William Denny, Dumbarton and completed April 1902


Aparima SS was a defensively armed British Merchant Ship of 131.22x16.55x8.69m; 5.704grt; Built 1902 by W. Denny & Bros, Dumbarton; 6 cylinder triple expansion engine; 389hp; Armament: 1x4.7 in. QF stern mounted; Owned by Doorley. Torpedoed by the German submarine UB-40 while en voyage from London to Barry. The explosion took place at 00.50 a.m. without warning, the vessel sinking in five minutes, giving the crew no time to launch the boats.

Qualification: Advanced Open Water with Deep Speciality and DSMB or Equivalent.