HMS Upstart

Upstart was a British submarine built in the early 1940’s weighing 735 tons.


Upon completion she was engaged on operational patrols in the Mediterranean.  When the Second World War came to an end many submarines were laid up, some were sold to other navies, and others scrapped.  Upstart survived until 1957 when it was decided she should be expended as a sonar target.  On 29 July 1957, Upstart, stripped of her armament, stores and propellers, was taken to a position south of the Needles and scuttled.  The wreck of the Upstart lies in about 38 metres of water, and is more or less upright.  The vessel had an unusual circular design of a conning tower.  The entire bridge of the Upstart had fallen from the wreck and is lying nearby on the seabed.

Qualification: Advanced Open Water with Deep speciality and DSMB or Equivalent.